The practice of Ronald E. DeMao, Ph.D. is located in Tampa, Florida, and specializes in individual and couples therapy and sexuality and addictions treatment. Dr. Ronald DeMao has been a licensed psychologist since 1988 and a certified sex therapist since 1998. Dr. DeMao has extensive experience providing lectures to local professionals.

Dr. DeMao takes great pride in providing professional psychotherapy in an easygoing, non-judgmental, caring, and confidential fashion. Many clients have referred their friends and family members to Dr. DeMao, a sign of his professionalism and patient success rate. Dr. DeMao has been elected twice as the President of the local Psychology Association.

He addresses issues such as domestic violence, marital therapy, sex therapy, suicide assessment and prevention, and professional development. Currently in private practice, Dr. DeMao focuses on adults with individual, relationship, sexual, or addiction problems. Dr. DeMao services metro Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

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